Flourish Community Hub

Helping Gary Flourish Together.

Introducing the Flourish Community Hub

The Flourish Community Hub is a pioneering initiative dedicated to transforming the Gary community through collaboration with other community organizations to provide holistic social services. With a focus on youth mentorship, mental health services, job creation, and basic needs assistance, our hub strives to uplift individuals and families, fostering a resilient and thriving community for all.

Four Pathways to Flourish:

1. Youth Mentorship & Education

Youth aged 13 to 21 will engage in regular mentorship sessions, receiving emotional support, skill development and educational opportunities, including GED preparation and trades instruction provided by local partner organizations. This initiative will equip youth with the necessary foundation to become future leaders in the city.

2. Mental Health & Wellness Services

Recognizing the impact of poverty-related stressors on mental well-being, Flourish will partner with licensed clinical professionals to offer mental health and resource referral services to community members, particularly those with a history of trauma and chronic mental illness.

3. Job Creation & Business Development

To stimulate community revitalization, Flourish will establish a community co-working space in its building, fostering entrepreneurship and job creation. Additionally, childcare services will be provided to support parents in the growing remote workforce, ensuring accessibility to work and business-related activities.

4. Providing Basic Needs Assistance

To address the pervasive poverty in Gary, Flourish will transform its on-site storage unit into a resource closet, offering essential items such as food, clothing, and household necessities to families in need. Community youth employed as “runners” will facilitate the delivery of donations, ensuring accessibility to vital resources throughout the city.

Join us in bringing the flourish community hub to life!

We’re teaming up with experienced partners to serve the city of Gary, but our space needs a makeover to match the energy and spirit of those who walk through our doors. Picture vibrant murals by local artists, comfy yet stylish furniture, and cutting-edge technology to supercharge learning and collaboration. We also need staff to make sure our hub runs smoothly.

With your help, we’ll raise $400,000 to revamp our space, and hire an executive director, in-house youth mentors, and childcare providers. Let’s create a hub that’s buzzing with excitement, ready to welcome Gary’s youth and community into a place they’ll never want to leave!

Building Renovation 51.4
Hub Administrator 20.6
In-House Youth Mentors 8.2
Childcare Workers 19.8

Ways to Support:

One-time sponsor:

Every dollar you give is one dollar closer to our goal. Your gift of any amount* will help us pay for the materials, supplies, labor, and staff we need to transform our building into a “building for better.”

Monthly sponsor:

Even after our hub is up and running, we’ll need your support to maintain our building and develop programming that meets the city’s needs.

Adopt a Youth:

Youth mentorship is not just a weekly event – it’s a long term investment into the life of a youth who needs ongoing support, even outside the our sponsorship program. Your commitment and dedication will make a lasting impact on a youth in need. 

Sponsor a Room:

Each room in the Hub is dedicated to an activity that enriches the lives of the people we serve. Help us make each room feel like home by providing equipment, supplies, decor, and furniture to a room of your choosing.

Donate Time and Skills:

We’ll need all hands on deck to transform our building into a vibrant city hub. Come paint a room, hang some shelves, or donate artwork. You won’t regret making your mark on a space that will profoundly impact our city.

Pray with Us:

We serve a God who cares deeply about communities in need. Please partner with us in prayer as we do his will and carry out his vision for the Gary community.