Our Mission

Our Guiding Values & Aspirations


We want God to shine and people to flourish.


Inspiring people to give of themselves for the glory of God and the flourishing of others through love and service.


Jesus taught that living for Him would result in us finding life. We believe that people flourish when they die to themselves and live for God.

We want to see our families, our church, the city of Gary, and all of NWI living for God. We have a dream in our hearts to see our region empowered with God's presence.

Group congregation photo of many different races at Flourish Church, all smiling, posed on a stage.

Core Values

The principles of our budget, speech, decisions, and actions at Flourish Church.


We exalt Him in all things so that He may shine in all things.


We gather frequently and creatively for encouragement and spiritual nourishment.


We learn about and make strategic impacts in our community by scattering the gospel and our resources.


We invest financially into kingdom-advancing initiatives and are generous with our time and actions.


We use God-given power to empower through relationship, liberation, healing, nurturing, communication, and faith.


We partner with churches, governments, and organizations with whom we can share fellowship and compassion.